For most of my adult life I have loved creating hand crafted, hand painted wooden pieces, decorations and small furniture thanks to HGTV! This year I've decided to share my projects.

Why the odd name "Kinched" you ask? I'm a third generation DIY'er. My Grandma, Dad and myself. We've always have had a way of planning projects out of our head. Whether it's the right way, a better way or let's just see if it work this way. My mom always called it being "Kinched". We use it as a noun 🙂

I have an obsession with farmhouse style decor. Ever since moving to our country home, we have been making our little fixer upper into our dream home. I love hand making and hand painting all of our decor, with my own personal touch.  My passion for this business goes into every item I create.

Every piece is completely handmade, from start to finish.  I use many different tools and materials to create these pieces, and every art piece is painted by hand.  While my shop is not open to the public, local customers may pick up their items to save on shipping costs.

Thank you for shopping local. Thank you for following me and letting me hand-make these pieces for you.

Thank you for your support, it truly means the world to me.



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