Welcome to Kinched Woodcrafts!

My unique designs and collections make a perfect addition to any home and make thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Browse through my market page of all ready created item or contact me for a custom made item!

For most of my adult life I have loved creating hand crafted, hand painted wooden pieces, decorations and small furniture thanks to HGTV! This year I've decided to share my projects. Here's a link to see my own personal projects in our home.

I have an obsession with farmhouse style decor. Ever since moving to our country home, we have been making our little fixer upper into our dream home. I love hand making and hand painting all of our decor, with my own personal touch.  My passion for this business goes into every item I create. Every piece is completely handmade, from start to finish.  I use many different tools and materials to create these pieces, and every piece is painted by hand.

Why the odd name "Kinched" you ask? I'm a third generation DIY'er. My Grandma, Dad and myself. We've always have had a way of planning projects out of our head. Whether it's the right way, a better way or let's just see if it works this way. My mom always called it being "Kinched". We use it as a noun 🙂

Thank you for your support, it truly means the world to me.   ~Jenn

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