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welcome shelf
I saw on Kinched Woodcrafts FB page a nice welcome sign with hooks that had been made. I asked Jenn if she could make something like that but without the hooks and just make the welcome sign a bit bigger. I sent a picture to her of a blank wall and within days she had done a drawing for me to look at. It was exactly what I wanted. In less than two weeks it was made and turned out far better than I ever expected. It's another great addition to my home from Kinched Woodcrafts. No doubt I will have more. Thank you Jenn.
- Greg H.

Thank you so much! They were exactly what I wanted!!!  (Benches)
~Kristie Y

Hi Jenn,
I bought a console table from you this week, Denaie picked it up for me. I just want to tell you how much I love it. It is more beautiful than the pictures I saw before I bought it. It is so perfect and I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. It's clear you take great pride in your work and you are so, so talented. Thank you again for this lovely piece and I can't wait to buy more!
Merry Christmas Jenn to you and your family!
Love, love, love our new bench in the living room - the dogs will enjoy it the most though, I think! This piece is so beautiful and its obvious a lot of love went into building it.

I was recently recommended to Kinched Woodcrafts by a friend. I was very impressed with the appearance of so many items I saw. I ordered my table and it was completed in less than two weeks. It's very unique and makes a great addition to my home and is sure to be a conversation piece for years to come. Thank you!!!
~Greg H

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Great table. Jenn will take your measurements and make exactly what you want.